• Miracles, Dreams, Visions and Goals

    Dreams can be miracles. I had one in 1989 that is a life teaching. When I awakened, I was completely overwhelmed by it. For many weeks I felt like I was still dreaming it. When I concentrate, the m

  • Lakeshore Miracle

    Nothing in life is as exhilarating as a miracle. When I grasp one it’s a complete embodiment of Spirit validation, insight, and mystery. I no longer worry about paradox or logic; I am there in th

  • In the Middle of Miracles

    To know you are in the middle of miracles is a profound experience. I can’t do it justice by writing. But I will try. I trained for a year to walk the sacred pilgrimage of the El Camino in Spain.

  • The Way

    You may have thought I’d abandoned my website. Maybe you wondered if miracles in my life have ceased. But my Captain gave me orders; silence, withdraw, move inward not outward. In obedience, I le

  • Love, the greatest miracle of all

    When this writer has no words, the call is for me to “be still and know.” Wednesday night June 1, 2022, when The Endling won two major industry awards, my first response was shock. People I hav

  • Heaven is Real

                       I’ll start this miracle with a confession. I have never once cried over my mother’s passing. This is why.             I got a call before 3 AM on

  • Awake

    Oh, had I missed it, that sweet March miracle would be lost. It began with a tiny creature, no larger than my pinky nail, reaching a deep part of my soul. Waking me up. But I am getting ahead of my

  • Nature’s Miracles

        Miracles. Some folks can fit their description into a tiny box. Coincidence, fate, chance, luck, etc. A very small box. My box has no sides or top. It’s as big as wide-open spaces. If I wa

  • Tender Mercies

      Those who know me will tell you I’m prone to wear sweaters in hot summer weather. I’m always cold! And, it has been bitter cold in Virginia. Being cold-natured is connected to one of the mos

  • And the Greatest of These…

    This month, the miracle is one we all experience. Most of us just had encounters with it during Christmas. And those of us who ponder on it, the billions of us down through the ages since His birth