Lakeshore Miracle

Nothing in life is as exhilarating as a miracle. When I grasp one it’s a complete embodiment of Spirit validation, insight, and mystery. I no longer worry about paradox or logic; I am there in that moment suspended into a reality that is beyond imagination. Precision timing that only God can produce. Everyone, everything, everywhere, is moved by His direction to come together at a precise moment. God is a verb more than a noun.

After training for a year and walking the El Camino in Spain, I got to experience a great number of miracles. To fully grasp the intensity of this miracle I have to backtrack.

The theme song of my heart is, “Lord You Have Come to the Lakeshore.” The words are significant (included below), because I have so little to offer Him. I have always marveled at the fishermen putting down their nets, leaving their boats, and walking away from their family business and livelihood. All to follow that Man on the shoreline that spoke to them.

In 2007 when Mack and I went with a group to the Holy Land, I was asked to lead devotions the next day. Our tour would take us to Korazim Plateau, overlooking the Sea of Galilee, where Jesus delivered his Sermon on the Mount. My heart knew just what to do. The night before I printed the lyrics to my favorite hymn thirteen times, (since I had no hymnbooks), to lead our group in singing.

The next morning a tour guide led us to our designated spot on a hillside, overlooking the sun glistening on the sea of Galilee. The group next to us began to sing in a foreign language. In order to be heard, we would have to wait until they were done. I was overwhelmed with joy. I we were in the midst of miracles. When they finished, I told our group our neighbors had just sung our song. I handed out my handwritten lyrics with electric chills running up and down my spine. Everyone there, in precise timing, was led to experience the miracle.

Flash forward. My goal was to reach Santiago in Spain, Easter 2023. I knew exactly what hotel would offer a room with a balcony, and had the travel agency book it a year ahead of time. My plan, to stand on the balcony and watch the holy Easter parades that began on Maundy Thursday.

A parade during the day and one at night went beneath where I stood. Each was sacred beyond belief. Each procession had hundreds of worshipers walking barefoot through the streets of Santiago playing instruments, carrying huge crosses and other symbols, dressed in clothes that represented shame or mourning. Each night a massive float depicted the progression of His Passion; Jesus serving the last supper, praying in Gethsemane, Jesus crucified. And the last float of each parade: the Holy Mother following her son, a representation and example for us as humans worshiping Jesus. Then…hundreds of tourists, pilgrims and townspeople, worshipers all, followed the procession.

If you read last months post you know that my walk was totally unique. I walked parts of the well-known path of the Camino but focused on finding churches in every village. Walking alone I realized that I heard God far better than I ever could have had I walked only on the popular path with hundreds of other pilgrims.

My last night in Santiago I stood on the balcony. My pilgrimage was coming to an end. I asked God if I had missed anything. Had I lived up to what He called me to do? Did I get everything He intended for me to have? My injuries had created a walk that was unlike anything I could have imagined. Had I done everything I could?

As I stood there with the last parade moving beneath me, a prayer of gratitude welled up in me, so intense it made my knees weak. I thanked Him for a year of training, being there with our son Al as we walked separate paths, learning so many deep lessons I would never have gotten without the injurious fall. My heart offered gratitude for my honest realization, it was all perfect. It was meant to be. So many miracles proved I was always in the right place at His time.

Moments later an event that had not happened in any other parade, took my breath away. The parade stopped with a group of about a hundred barefoot celebrants in beautiful uniforms stilled directly beneath me. They held no drums, no musical instruments and drug no wooden crosses. I waited long moments, curious. Then a chorus of voices began to sing in Spanish. Perhaps my soul knew before my head, because suddenly I was enraptured. As I looked down on the top of their heads, their voices rising up in beautiful harmony, I was being serenaded in Spanish with Lord You Have Come to the Lakeshore.

As chills ran like electric currents up and down my body and my eyes spilled a constant stream of tears, I clutched the balcony rail. My heart could scarcely take in the incredible mysteries of such a touching, loving and very personal miracle. Because best of all, deep within me, I heard my Shepherd say three words I could not have imagined, and will never forget. They vibrated in my bones, “I see you.”

No wonder they left their nets.

1 Lord, you have come to the lakeshore
looking neither for wealthy nor wise ones;
you only asked me to follow humbly.
O Lord, with your eyes you have searched me,
and while smiling have spoken my name;
now my boat’s left on the shoreline behind me;
by your side I will seek other seas.

2 You know so well my possessions;
my boat carries no gold and no weapons;
you will find there my nets and labor.

3 You need my hands, full of caring
through my labors to give others rest,
and constant love that keeps on loving.

4 You, who have fished other oceans,
ever longed for by souls who are waiting,
my loving friend, as thus you call me.

The Conversation

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    The Conversation

  1. Deborah says:

    Absolutely beautiful and thank you for sharing your walk with God.

  2. Tyger says:

    Indeed! It is no wonder at all why they left their nets. Dropped them like dust. He is not just compelling. He is irresistible. Thank you for sharing this lovely miracle.

    I am a “net dropper” myself.

  3. Diane E Tatum says:

    Oh, Deborah!
    What an awesome infilling of His Spirit! And for such a special song to be repeated on these special occasions!
    I’m so glad you went and experienced God.
    I miss your presence in our group.