• Proof in a Photobomb

    I love photobombs. The person being photographed thinks they know how the picture will turn out, only to have a huge surprise when something unexpected steals the scene. This month the miracle is h

  • The Miracle of Praise

    This month my miracle feels most personal. Perhaps because I haven’t shared it more than a handful of times and never to nonbelievers. But as my sisters and brothers in Christ (fellow believers)

  • Connecting the Dots

    BIG NEWS!! The Endling won: 1st Place, 2021 Contemporary Novel of the Year Advanced Writer’s and Speakers Association and 1st Place, 2021 Novel of the Year Christian Market Book Award Sometimes m

  • Wrapped in His Feathers

    Hello folks! When I heard Amber tell this story I knew it would bless all of you as well. So this month the miracle is one shared by Amber Weigand-Buckley Wrapped in His Feathers by Amber Weigand-B

  • The Lion of Judah

    Miracles say, “I am the Great I Am. And I Am here with you. Ever present.” Do you create little surprises to delight those you love? I do. And I’m so blessed because so does my husband. I use

  • The Endling’s Miraculous Roots

    This month my miracles are compacted. At the time I did not see how some of the things that happened to me were miraculous. But I have been shown they were. Rather it was traumatic, or loving, mira

  • A Chain of Miracles

    This month I want to share astonishing connected miracles that took place over the course of a few months. 1. When I left a job in community mental health to open a private therapy practice, my tea

  • When Little Things Are Not Little

    Psalm 139:3-4 (ISV) 3 You scrutinize my life and my rest;[a] you are familiar with all of my ways. 4 Even before I have formed a word with my tongue, you, Lord, know it completely!    

  • One With God

    Years ago, Mack (my hubby) and I went camping at Hungry Mother State Park. Oh, my goodness, the Appalachian Mountains there are so wonderfully high, and we were both in hiking heaven. So were our d

  • Miraculous Timing

        Don’t you just love it when you have a fool proof case for something? Well, I have proof God orders our steps. I love mysteries, puzzles, solving riddles, and scavenger hunts. And G