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Do you have a memory for miracles?

Your own personal miracles?

They are incredible occurrences that cause you to gasp in disbelief and might leave you thinking others may not get the depth of what you experienced. Or even doubt you.

In the Bible God had donkeys talk, fish had money, waters parted, and bushes burned to prove to us that His love and attention are always present. He hasn’t changed. Miracles still happen. But our perspective narrows. We forget that every single moment the Creator of the whole universe could be reaching out to demonstrate personalized miracles to get our attention. If we are on autopilot, we miss them. We have to be Awake in order to become Aware. And when we catch them? Everything in us is Rejoicing! Because nothing but nothing satisfies the hungry heart more than those moments. They defy our imaginations. They transcend normalcy. We the created are connected to our Creator.

As a child, I used to listen in on adult conversations. I was blessed to hear compelling stories of faith. His presence was assured. Hope was renewed. Miraculous things happened.  Those stories were the driving force behind my career as a therapist and writer.

Those are the stories that captivate us and draw us in. The stories that plant a deep desire in our heart to have one-on-one conscience contact with God. Without logic, we can feel the truth of those miracles in the very marrow of our bones. Because on a cellular level, we are connected.

As an author, I strive to create complex fictional characters with intriguing plots, rich culture, and fascinating settings that yield lots of conflict. But my overarching desire… is to subtly show how God uses everything that He created to guide us. It could be our intuition, dreams, visions, or relationship with nature.

I want to share my miracles with you.

And, I hope that you will share your miracles here too.

We will make memories. Miraculous memories.

Because as we take this journey together, we can broaden our view of how He reaches out to us and encounter more, more, more, of the most incredible life experience of all.

Conscience Contact with our Creator.

The Endling

Published by: Firefly Southern Fiction, Lighthouse Publishing of the Carolinas (Iron Stream Media)

Available: May 11, 2021
• ISBN: 978-1645262640

Native American, Emerson Grace Coffee, is the last of her tribe, an “endling.” 

She returns to Easterbrook to live in a stone cabin in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia. It is there, high in her ancestral mountains, that her grandfather Edward Two Eagles homeschooled her and trained her to survive by learning to hear God’s guidance in everything.

When U.S. Marshalls tell Emerson she is being hunted by a mob hitman, she knows she can outwit them in her mountains. But three innocent children, living in an art colony below her ancestral home, become caught in the crosshairs.

Now Emerson must decide if she will risk it all, her mountains, her heritage, and her life, to secure their safety. Will a lone, unarmed endling, come against the most ruthless family of all?

1st Place Winner: 2021 Novel of the Year, Christian Market Book Award • 1st Place Winner: 2021 Contempary Novel of the Year, Advanced Writer’s and Speakers Association


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