Miracles, Dreams, Visions and Goals

Dreams can be miracles. I had one in 1989 that is a life teaching. When I awakened, I was completely overwhelmed by it. For many weeks I felt like I was still dreaming it. When I concentrate, the memory still fills me with the same feelings I had while it unfolded.
That year I was attending college as an adult student, my goal, to be a licensed therapist and work in a private practice. Being the impatient person that I am, I ruminated about how old I would be by the time I got a masters in counseling, did supervision, and became licensed. I wanted to be there, not wait for it.
But that dream impacted my character flaw. I dreamed that God called me to stand at the edge of our driveway (symbolic) and hold my hands out to wait for tiny birds of all colors to land in my palms. I obeyed, but as soon as they gathered near me, my inclination was to raise my hands so that their little feet would be planted on my flesh. Hurry them up, job done. The suspense was killing me. Yet, if I did that, how would I know the promise would be fulfilled?
I waited. Impatient, remembering my call, continuously knocking back the idea to rush things along. The birds landed. I was so thrilled I could barely breathe. Beside me a human said, “how did you do that?”
My heart knew. God called me to it and would empower me if I was obedient. And, I believed.

Flash forward later that year. While reading what was to me, an obscure prophet, Habakkuk, I was riveted to these verses. I got chills. God was speaking through His Word. Another miracle.
Habakkuk 2: 2
Then the LORD answered me and said:
Write down the vision,
inscribe it clearly on tablets
so that it can be read easily.
3 For the vision is for the appointed time;
it will speak of the end,
and it will not lie.
If it delays in coming, wait for it,
for it will surely come, it will not be late.

I obeyed, writing down my vision for a license, a thriving private practice and a PhD. They came before “too long.” But the miracles were not just goals achieved. Thousands of times I found peace. If I am obedient, wait and hold out my hands, He will not be late.
So many visions became goals, like publishing my novel, The Endling. It seemed to take forever, but I kept my hands out. Another, speaking and teaching, both natural loves. It seemed that just as the latter was beginning to bloom God gave me a new instruction, “Turtle in.”
I had no idea why. But I withdrew, did not blog, and did not make plans to attend conferences. My only outing would be honoring the call to walk the pilgrimage, The Way of St. James in Spain. Turtle in made no sense to me. Didn’t I need to be out and about as a writer, speaker? I was obedient despite my inner arguments.
A year later miracles unraveled the mystery of why. That turtle year created tremendous spiritual growth. Also, I came very close to physical disability. At a point where I was checking on line for the price of shower seats, canes and rollators, God put new friends in my life that would lead me to miraculous resolutions.
A friend I knew less than a half hour suggested I work as security personnel at Liberty University. I could attend their worship two days a week during Convocation. Inwardly I heard from God a huge “YES!” But how? I could barely move my head left to right without a “free spin.” I fainted, I stumbled and fell. A lot. I could not stand for more than a few minutes. After months of physical therapy, three clinicians confirmed I had POTS. How could I possibly do that job? My friend assured me she would help. She did. God sent her.
My second 4-hour shift, I passed out from looking up. Another employee asked what was going on with me and when I explained, she sent a video that I never would have seen if I had not taken the job. God sent her. It claimed a natural cure in 6 days. The miracle took three. The turtle in made perfect sense now. I had a lot to go through. I would not have wanted to make plans and disappoint others. Above all, like Job, I realized that through the very worst of it, I never lost love of the Lord. It was one of my most severe test. I prayed for healing and kept my hands out. Despite logic, obedience to an inner nudge brought the miracle.
I encourage you, pay attention to dreams. Dreams are often visions. Follow obediently the leading from within. Write down your visions and rely on God’s word. There is so much peace in trust.
“If it delays in coming, wait for it,
for it will surely come, it will not be late.”

Keep your hands out.
Picture credit: fellow author, Rhonda Dragomir.

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    The Conversation

  1. Sharon T says:

    This is so perfectly timed! Thank you!!

    • Deborah Maxey says:

      Isn’t it a wonderful miracle how God times out things for us? I’m so glad to be a part of that.

  2. Dot Harris says:

    This so inspired me. You are such an inspiration. Thank you!♥️

  3. Paula Banks Saihati says:

    Thank you for your inspirational words.
    I must keep my hands out.

  4. Martha says:

    Your faith gives me hope.

  5. Rhonda Dragomir says:

    This gives me goosebumps. God is so faithful to speak to us, and His timing is always perfect. I’m taking this admonition to heart today.

    • Deborah Maxey says:

      Thank you precious friend. As you can see your talent and time were not wasted creating a visual of that dream. Thank you again.