The Thrill of Small Miracles

You’ve heard the saying, “why would I give you big things if you don’t appreciate small ones?” I think the adage applies to miracles. I have learned over my life time that multiple little miracles happen all around me every day, and when I spot them, I have a day filled with joy and the knowledge that God is constantly directing my path.
Sometimes they can be visual, like stepping outside at the exact moment an eagle is flying over. Or thinking of someone just moments before they call.
In our busyness it is so easy to miss them. But when we notice, and credit the Creator, there is a huge lift in our heart. He is lovingly orchestrating things.

At times I stretch my patience by thinking I have been delayed by God to avoid an accident, or not experience some other situation that saved us from peril. In that way, even traffic is a miracle.

But more often I spot them when things go right. Recently I had to make an appointment that usually has me on hold for quite some time. But not that day. When the scheduler answered without delay, I was in a joyous mood. God had given me a small miracle. She told me that even though it’s early June the specialist was scheduling for January. With a lilt in my voice, I told her “I didn’t expect two miracles in a row and I just had one, so I can accept that.” I ended with one of my favorite joke lines, “but you will be my new best friend if you get a cancellation and call me.”

In a business tone she asked me to hold and came back with “How about June 28th?” I told her she was now my new best friend. She told me she was in awe that I got two miracles in one day because the cancellation popped up while we were speaking.

God at work. He blessed us both with the knowledge of His presence.

Another. We live on a small lake filled with wildlife. Every year for many years, a doe gives birth to a foal near our deck. They leave their tiny fawn as close to us as it can get and go for water and food, then return to collect their new born. Hubby and I believe they know we are safe.
I usually get pictures looking down with the baby lying in the grass. Trying to get closer would only disturb the infant. This year I asked God for a clear picture of a tiny fawn.
We have a very small area off of our back deck, fenced in for our little yorkies to potty. A sound brought us to the backyard to look. A tiny fawn was standing at the gate bellowing. There was no way we could miss it. I had never heard the sound, so much like a bird. I would never touch a fawn but I got within feet and…yes, I talked to it. Then left it minutes later because if we heard that call, so did mom. I knew the baby coming to a metal gate was responding to an inner push. God wanting to delight us. But even more so, to remind us He hears it all and He is the God of miracles.

Another small miracle delighted me months ago. I felt compelled to read a blog on an international Christian website I almost never read. It’s been years. I had never heard of the author but decided she wrote beautifully. Her short devotional blessed me. I finished with the thought that she was someone I would like to know more about. The next day I received an unsolicited copy of her memoir in the mail, from another author friend who thought I might enjoy it. God spoke to the sender before I heard God speak to me about pausing over that devotion.
Chasing the trail of miracles backward is thrilling to me. Because long before I recognize the miracle, they are in process, progressing toward revelation. When I pray and ask God for favor on anything and everyone, I hold that knowledge in my heart. Long before I ask, He is already involved in the answer.

Please feel free to share a small miracle in the comments below. We might not witness a burning bush or a parting sea, but God is constantly showering us with his love to wake us up to His presence.

The Conversation

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    The Conversation

  1. Lindsay says:

    Love hearing these miracle stories. Thank you for sharing them! Last Fall, our 18 yr old daughter, who for years had been wanting a mid sized reddish golden doodle (very specific) was contacted by a farm that had a young litter that were 4 months old and needed to be homed. They had 2 litters at the same time, and were unable to sell them all before they were 4 months old. These pups had all their official papers and sell for over $2,000! This pup was given to her for free once they confirmed it would be going to a good home. She has been the perfect companion and a true miracle for our daughter.

    • Deborah Maxey says:

      What a wonderful miracle to remember for life! The unconditional love of a dog that was longed for with very specified conditions! There is no mistaking that. And the very fact that an expensive miracle was free of charge so duplicates our free redemption. Thank you so much for sharing this. Hard to forget an incredible miracle like this one!

  2. Tyger Gordon says:

    “Before they call, I will answer; while they are still speaking, I will hear.” Isaiah 65:24 NIV

    I too, see this daily. The Hymn, “In The Garden” exemplifies this for me. The Son of God discloses his voice to us as often as we choose to seek it. The Lord knows how I delight in wild life. A couple of nights ago, I watched two doe’s with their new fawns; one on each side of our meadow. I sat on our deck with my daughter and we delighted in them as the fawn ran back and forth with lightening speed. Jumping over the grass as if it were a foot tall. They a were so tiny. I was experiencing a gift in the day.

    This Spring, I was given the blessing of watching a Tom turkey court a hen who, by the way, acted as if she didn’t want a thing to do with him. But if he got too far away, she followed at a distance, never lifting her head. The turkey hen in mating season is the true lesson in playing “hard to get”! What a joy! He would strut and strut and she never looked up. What a gorgeous site in my backyard! This went on for three weeks. I have lived here for 30 years and we have never seen such a long courtship. Sure, we’ve seen toms and hens. But this was a relationship hunters find in the woods. It was displayed in my backyard. It happened to come at a time when my physical health (arthritis/back issues) were at a miserable peak. I heard him tell me to focus on the small miracles and just enjoy what he has given me. SO blessed! I will never forget those birds. The Son of God discloses his voice in these small things; and yes, that is quite a miracle!

    • Deborah Maxey says:

      Oh how I love these stories, fawns and turkeys! Nature is so pure, exactly as God created. No pretense. No ego (well maybe in that courtship 🙂 What a gift in your backyard. Thank you so much for sharing these miracles. Nature miracles just thrill me.

  3. Deborah says:

    I love your shares as they uplift my soul & heart. You inspire me to try to be more aware of God everywhere and to have a heart of gratitude. I am working on praising God in all things even things I do not want or like in my life. I was reminded by a very special & spiritual person that is what Corrie Ten Boom always did as God taught her. I do not do this expecting God to change anything that is happening but because it is the right thing for me to do. I have no control over people, places, or things in life. I do have control or at least the option to control my attitude in life.

    I am glad you are through your season of silence and back to posting as your posts feed my spirit!! Thank you & God Bless You my sister in Christ!!

    • Deborah Maxey says:

      Thank you. At some point I will likely explain the miracle of the silence. Your perspective on Corrie Ten Boom is wonderful. Praise brings God so close. I’m so glad you find these posts helpful and thank you most sincerely for your comments.

  4. Deborah says:

    Sorry for double dipping.

    I have been watching the series, The Chosen, and I am grateful as it is reminding me of a lesson I keep choosing to forget or let go of over and over again and have to learn all over again. A good sister in Christ shared that we are on a need to know basis and often we do not need to know. The Chosen reminded me of this again as God’s ways are not our ways and the showed that we cannot see the bigger picture as we get so caught up in our own lives and sufferings and cannot get past that. I know I want to be grateful in all things, praise God, trust God, and accept I am right where I am supposed to be. If God did not spare his own son from his suffering, then why do I think my life should be full of just roses? Maybe, the best witness for non Christians at times is to see how I handle my trials and chose to love and follow despite what I want or do not want. I try not to use the excuse of my inability to sleep at all or barley at times to take over my thinking. Yes, we all lose sleep, but mine is most chronic and detrimental to my mental, physical, and spiritual well being if I chose to go there and all too often I want to get whinny and use that as an excuse to allow myself to go to dark places and start slipping back into anger or depression. Can God heal me, of course he can. Will he heal me, it is not mine to demand. I can ask but I will not allow myself to put demands on God and get mad and walk away. At times I can feel and see myself slipping back into a dark place and I have to yank a knot in my own neck and ask myself, is this the person and witness I want to be for Christ? Am I a fly by night Christian that praises and is grateful when all is well or will I choose to follow Jesus no matter what my pain and suffering is. My lack of sleep makes it so much harder to tolerate my various pains. At least I am alive to be aware of my pain and I am alive and close enough to God that when I get off my pity pot I can chose to put that at the foot of the cross and ask God to use this for other that are suffering so much more than I am, especially the innocent children.

    Being a Christian is not a get out of jail or get out suffering free card. The rain falls on the just and unjust and my life is a constant choir to make a mental decision of what my spiritual beliefs and faith will be in this life. So, the miracle I get in live over and over again is to remember I have a choice in life of how to feel, belie, and behave. My default setting is negativity and anger but God gave me the miracle of seeing the light and having a choice of how I will believe. I do not think God gives many miracles of no suffering ever. Jesus suffered more than any human in the history of mankind. I knew he really suffer and my belief is so unshakeable as he cried out My God, why have you forsaken me! To me, that is the ultimate human sacrifice of suffering is to feel totally abandonment by God which is only in our own minds, not God’s mind. When I read that in the Bible, I truly knew that Jesus suffered totally as a human being and really did sacrifice the ultimate sacrifice for us. If when I die I am not immediately resurrected and in the presence of Jesus and have to be asleep and wait for the resurrection upon Jesus return then I say Glory to God! Because if that happens, I finally was given the ability to sleep! Please, no corrections wanted or needed on this, I am trying to make a point not a statement about resurrection.

    Faith, to me, is not the absence of suffering, it is the choices I make when suffering. My suffering and pains are not even close to most people in the world. My suffering comes mostly in my mind and mental state when I am plagued by physical suffering and that is what takes me down. What I praise God for and see as my miracle over and over again is that God constantly giving me the miracle of discovering over and over again I have a choice to believe and praise and not wallow regardless of what is happening in my life. I want to be the believer who refuses to be resentful when things are very tough and difficult.

    I thought my life was going to be so much easier and lighter after so much work on my inner self after almost 20 years, but it seems like the real work only just then started as it shifted to a whole new and deeper level. My biggest regret has been my envy and jealously of others as I have often felt my life was a total waste as I have done nothing to really serve God or help others in any way. I keep saying here I am Lord send me and then get angry think he just will not use me as I am just damage goods slipping back into self pity and wanting to go back into anger. I have learned to see that so much more quickly and stop that nonsense as it is just that nonsense. My job is only to say here I am Lord, send me, and let go of the outcome and not demand an answer. None of us really know how we impact others lives for good or bad. My only job in life as I see it is to choose to love and follow God and not make demands about how my life should turn out or go, it really is none of my business.

    I just wish I could retain that lesson better and not constantly have to learn it over and over again as I feel like I am wasting God’s time and wearing out his patience. Again, even that is all about what I want. If that is what I am to do is relearn this lesson for the rest of my life on a deeper and deeper level and not see or know anything else, then that is what God thinks I need the most I accept that. Faith to me has never been a feeling but a conscious choice of how I choose to believe and to see my character defects as honestly as I can and repent. I really appreciate that other people’s lives seem to vibrate on higher levels of lightness and beauty and I use to get so jealous as I feel like I am constantly stuck in the lower keys on a piano. That is where I am suppose to be and maybe by my being there and sharing that it will help others to know that not feeling like, being like others more on the upper keys on a piano is not wrong or bad, it just is what it is. I chose to praise God to the best of my ability and remind myself, why not me. If God did not spare Jesus from suffering why do I think or try to demand God spare me? Life is what it is my job is how will I behave and react, that is my lesson.

    • Deborah Maxey says:

      You are an incredible warrior and deep searcher. I think most of us get surprised that we continue to struggle, (Much like Sysyphus in mythology, struggling with the same issues on deeper and deeper levels). You state a lot of deep wisdom that has been gained from all of your inner work and pain. Thank you for writing. I hope you will find a lot of outlets to share your hard won jewels with. Beautifully written and so insightful.