Connecting the Dots

The Endling won:
1st Place, 2021 Contemporary Novel of the Year
Advanced Writer’s and Speakers Association
1st Place, 2021 Novel of the Year
Christian Market Book Award
Sometimes miracles come in clusters. One very memorable cluster occurred when I was a sophomore in high school. I was sequestered away to boarding school, and by scholarship attended Southern Pilgrim College in Kernersville North Carolina. There I was cut off from family and friends, and not allowed to tell anyone where I was. It’s a long story involving one parent hiding me from the other. God used my isolation for good. I drew so close to Him. The Pilgrim religion became a warm blanket securely wrapping me in God’s love.
Without supports, I did chores to earn money for necessities. I cleaned, did laundry, ironed, and did yard work. I first noticed the miracle cluster when jobs began popping up regularly just as I needed money.
I always seem to have enough to meet my needs. But only enough. Like any other young woman, there were things I wanted.
Even more obvious miracles began when girls from the dorm asked me to walk with them into Kernersville for ice cream. They had money. I didn’t. I prayed and asked the Lord to please smooth my way so that I wouldn’t be an awkward outcast when I told them I just walked along for their company. I was so grateful to be included. As I walked with six girls on a two-lane rural road for a couple of miles my eyes were continually drawn to coins in the gravel along the shoulders. By the time we arrived at the ice cream parlor, I had enough for a cone. God had gone beyond saving me from embarrassment and supplied enough money for a treat. That happened every time I went, at least five. The other girls quickly learned when I stooped to pick up money that they should be looking. Then they decided I was either lucky or had great eyesight because they didn’t find any. I continued to find enough to buy something every time. Once I even found a dollar bill. On a sparsely traveled road! With no houses. No one walked or ran alongside the road back then. How would money end up there? Miracles.
A desire of my heart was to cheer along with these friends. But cheerleading required a practice and performance outfit. Obviously, I couldn’t afford it. I contented myself with cheer training and plans to sit on the sidelines knowing what and how my friends would perform, supporting them.
On the last day to sign up for tryouts I went to my mailbox and was surprised to find an envelope from my hometown 300 miles away. Inside was an anonymous cashier’s check for the exact amount I needed, with a note that read, “The Lord put it on my heart to send you this. In this exact amount. God bless you.” I had no one to thank except God. With tears in my eyes, I approached the coaches and told them the whole story, I had not signed up because I lacked the money. Then showed them the check. The story of that miracle made the rounds on campus the entire year. And yes, I tried out and made the squad.
I don’t believe that God intended only that I have necessities like school supplies, ice cream and cheer uniforms. I believe he demonstrated His love for me through these clusters so that I would always know I was never alone, abandoned or without. And equally important, he wanted me to know with certainty that miracles exist and would be a huge part of my life. He taught me to watch for them.
And I do. When I connect the dots, I see Him, and my heart thrills… I know… He sees me.

In the comments, please share a miracle that made you realize without a doubt God saw you!

The Conversation

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    The Conversation

  1. Dot Harris says:

    Butterflies in dark times. ❤

    • Deborah Maxey says:

      So true. You could write some beautiful miracles about butterflies. I almost never see them that I don’t think of you.

  2. Diane E Tatum says:

    Great testimony, Deborah!

  3. Kathy Carson says:

    What a Beautiful Story my Friend. I never knew where you went to school until you came to Brookville.

    I Believe in Miracles and have often seen them myself. My problem is I don’t remember them always after I have Thanked God over and over for them.

    One that happened last year: I was driving with my Grandson, Brylan, on a mountain pass road from the Goode/Cifax area over to 460. It was late afternoon and a terrible Thunderstorm blew up and it was raining so hard I could hardly see so I was going slowly on this very narrow twisty road. All of a sudden Brylan yells Kakie Look! A very large Deer jumped over the hood of my car and hit the ground on the other side of the embankment and kept on running. Another couple of inches and she would have been in the car with us thru the front windshield and we would have been rolling down the embankment. I can assure you Brylan and I both said many Prayers of Thanks to our Good Lord for protecting not just us but the deer too. (I have tears as I write this – just thinking what could have happened.) Brylan is a very kind hearted sweet child and he was so Thankful the Deer was not hurt.

    • Deborah Maxey says:

      thank you for the comment and including this incredible miracle. Oh my goodness you two were truly snatched from the jaws of death. I’ll bet it really shapes his life in miraculous ways. It’s great that you have that shared miracle between you. As for not knowing where I went to school, I went to 20 schools before I landed at Brookville. It was my 21st. I have to think to remember them 🙂

  4. Maureen Lockridge says:

    Beautiful story.

  5. Teresa says:

    Great God Winks! Loved it!

  6. Kristin Jo Freed says:


    I love the story and it has happened to me too. The exact amount needed is always supplied.
    Keep doing your writings. You are an outstanding writer.

    With joy, laughter and love,,


    • Deborah Maxey says:

      I just love hearing that it happend to you as well.Please feel free to share or if you like I will let you do a guest post here. Thank you so much for your compliments. They are received with GREAT JOY!! 🙂

  7. Joyce Dunaway says:

    When I was in college, I had no extra money. I had work scholarships which paid my tuition, books, and housing. One week they had a book cart where you could purchase books. I was so excited! I love, love books. But I didn’t have money to buy any. A few days after I’d decided which books I’d really love to own, a check came from my grandmother for the exact amount. I thanked God and still have those books.

    • Deborah Maxey says:

      Oh my goodness I love it! We never forget miracles like these! God has so much more in store for us than what we bought, the true depth of knowledge that for certain he cares about everything we care about is such an awesome “keeper” miracle!! Thank you for sharing that. It makes my day!