Miracle Dreams

Dreams. We all have them even if we don’t remember them. As a therapist I heard many dreams that gave miraculous warnings about dangerous relationships, over-the-top spending, or need to be more mindful of of children. While some would say dreams emerged from the subconscious, I believe they were all miracles. God reaching out to us, getting our attention. Just as He did in Biblical times.

Many years ago, I was a portrait artist who also painted almost anything on commission. Literally. I was paid to paint cats, dogs, tractors, houses, police cars, you name it. My dream was to make money painting what I wanted to paint, large photorealistic city scenes, (you can see a sample under the “About” tab on my website). Fellow artists assured me they would never sell. But I didn’t let that stop me. As a self-taught artist, I had already broken lots of rules (like painting smiles with teeth in portraits). So, I continued to paint what called to me. Another deeper desire poked at me as well. I wanted a one-woman show. But I couldn’t image being asked to do that if the those in the know thought my work wouldn’t sell.

While I painted those large city scenes, God gave me a dream that was so powerful, it altered my consciousness for weeks. I kept feeling that I was dreaming it while I was awake and living my daily life. I had never had a dream do that, before or since. The scenes went over and over in my thoughts and emotions. The visual images were flashbacks, so clear they took my breath away. From the moment I awakened, I knew that dream was a miracle. God speaking to me, offering me a template for life.

Although I had been aware of miracles since childhood, in my dream I asked God to allow me to see miracles. Suddenly, standing in deepest nightfall, looking up, I saw hundreds of people lying prone, at all sorts of levels in the sky, their faces pointed to God, twirling slowly. My heart thanked God for allowing me to witness the miracle and understanding that what I saw was what our souls do when we sleep. Someone was next to me saying, “What? What?” I pointed to the sky, they saw nothing. I pointed again and they saw them, saying, “Why you? How come you see miracles?”

“I prayed for them and I believe God answers prayers. So, I believe I can.”

Then God told me to turn to my left, hold my hands out in front of me, palms up and wait for tiny brightly colored birds, the likes I’ve never seen, to land in my palms. I explained to the person as I obeyed. Seconds later vibrant little birds fluttered above my palms. An inner struggle emerged. Rather than wait for them to land, I could raise my hands slightly and their feet would touch. The miracle would be complete. I could prove it to the person next to me. But that would be me forcing an outcome. And I could cause them to scatter instead. “Have faith,” I heard within. So, I waited and they landed, covering my hands. The voice next to me said, “How did you do that.”
“I didn’t. God did. All I have to do is believe.”

I awakened from that dream in a deeply altered state. For weeks I had the recurring vision of souls spinning, and birds landing in my palms. I panicked at the memory in the dream when I was tempted to lift my palms. I would have missed the miracle.

Deep in my spirit, I kept hearing, “This is a template for life.”

Because it all began with wanting to paint city scenes, and have a one woman show, I prayed, painted, and waited for God to work. I did not petition or ask for anything. The board of directors contacted me and offered me the opportunity. I outsold every previous show. With cityscapes that no one but me, and obviously God, believed in.
That dream, a precious sacred touchstone, is as much a miracle as the dreams in the Bible. It just happens to be personal. It is truly a template that I live by. I pay attention to my desires (God gives us the desires of our hearts), pray, believe, then work, watch, and wait, with expectancy.

Many times people have told me that I “dream big.” I do. And I have yet to stop dreaming. Because each desire, each dream, each step towards those dreams, more miracles are revealed to me. And when I see a miracle, I’ve touched the face of God. I know He wants me to know He is there. That’s everything, the greatest miracle of all.

Please share a miracle that happened-affirming your belief that God heard you.

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